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Management Services

Business Management

We will account for your profits, develop and implement new growth / expansion strategies, handle all business matters, make executive decisions upon your approval / request, oversee operations, process maintenance requests, and become the point of contact for employee​'s questions, complaints, disputes, and all other related issues. You're still in charge, we work with you to handle all of the things you're unable to.

Inventory & Resource Management

Our goal is to keep your business stocked with as little turnover as possible. Restocking a business can prove to be very costly with independent vendors, but with Valiabiz our rates are fixed and transparent. We work directly with your current vendors and connect with many other worldwide vendors to find the guaranteed lowest prices on products / materials to save your business money. We strive to keep track of and fill your inventory as needed on your behalf.

Bill Management

We find that our business owners typically prefer to pay their own bills. Whether you prefer to have owner-access to bills or have the hands-off approach, we are ready to tailor your preferences into our membership. Our team will make sure all of your bills are paid on-time and negotiate terms on your behalf in attempt to lower some of your bills to save on operating expenses if necessary.

Staffing & HR Management

Your employees are an important asset to your business and deserve the best experience when working for your business. We understand finding and hiring the right candidates to best fit your team can be difficult and sometimes costly, so we'll take on the recruiting / hiring process for your business and manage your business' human resources.

Budgeting & Finance Management

Have you ever heard the term, "You must spend money to make money"? Yes, it's true. Our team of professional finance experts will analyze your every day financial activities and provide advice and guidance on future financial plans to ensure your business obtains financial growth and maintains all necessary expenses, eliminating all common mistakes and the unnecessary costs / losses.

Social Media & PR Management

We'll manage the online presence of your business by developing a strategy, producing good content, analyzing usage data, facilitating customer service and managing projects and campaigns. In addition, we'll manage and respond to all reviews, comments, and feedback on your behalf to maintain positive interactions between your business and its customers while creating and implementing new strategies to provide an efficient online presence.

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Managing a business can be difficult. That's why thousands of business owners and investors nationwide trust Valiabiz to manage their business, oversee their daily operations, and increase profitability on their behalf. Put your business on "Auto-Pilot" and join now!
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