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Membership Benefits

Included Benefits:

  • Dedicated Virtual Assistant - It's important to ensure our members receive the highest quality of services and obtain relieved from many of the obstacles associated with managing and scaling their businesses, so every member is assigned a Virtual Assistant to assist in the management of their account, billing, service requests / fulfillment, business operations, bookkeeping, decision making, and overall experience as a member.

  • Dedicated Business Consultant - To avoid long hold times and to ensure we provide the best customer service, every member is assigned a Business Consultant to act as their point of contact throughout their entire membership term. Business Consultants are available 24/7 to our members to answer any service related questions, billing inquiries, and all general business consulting needs.

  • Dedicated Service Fulfillment Manager - Rather than working with a variety of random professionals to fulfill their services, every member is assigned a Service Fulfillment Manager to ensure the fulfillment of all tasks / services meet and exceed the member's expectations and deadlines by expediting the service fulfillment process and providing high-quality results.

  • Dedicated Business Analyst - Although a complete business analysis is initiated upon registration for all members, our Business Analysts provide our members with the added benefit of understanding their business' productivity, valuation, and progress with a continuous analysis of every aspect.

  • Dedicated Legal Advisor - When seeking answers and protection from common business legal issues such as litigation and employee disputes, our Legal Advisors provide our members with continuous guidance and support within the legal structure and operations of their business.

  • Unlimited Access to All Services - Rather than tracking and billing for time like other service providers in the industry, our members receive unlimited access to all of our services and so much more.

  • Member Portal Access - We've developed a custom portal to allow our members to oversee and manage all of their services whenever and wherever they'd like. Our Member Portal allows members to view their projects / tasks, manage their subscription, and communicate directly with our team through an integrated chat feature.

  • Member Welcome Package - This package includes an information packet, membership certificate, t-shirt, hooded sweatshirt, mousepad, and mug.

  • Discounts on all Valiabiz Partner Services - In addition to our services, we partner with a variety of other business service providers to offer our members exclusive pricing and benefits.

  • Monthly Member Networking Seminars - All members are invited to attend our monthly Member Conferences to meet, share ideas, and collaborate with our Corporate Executive Team and all Valiabiz Members worldwide.

  • Warehousing & Distribution - We own and operate our own warehousing and distribution center to store, pick, pack, and ship our member products worldwide in record time at a competitive cost. Our systems will integrate directly with yours for a seamless and streamlined process.

  • 24/7 Support & Service Fulfillment - To ensure we accommodate all time zones around the world, our delegated team is available 24/7 to fulfill services for your business whenever you need them most, including all major holidays.

  • Business Credit - Our members enjoy telling others about us and every business can use additional funding. That's why we provide all members a business credit for every business they refer to us that successfully registers for a membership to be utilized towards all of their business expenses with the exception of your membership fees.

  • Worldwide Coverage - Although our services are exclusively available to businesses based in the United States, we have the experience and professional ability to assist in member businesses that operate and/or sell their products / services worldwide.

  • Multi-Location Capability - Manage all of your business locations through your portal. Every business location will have its own needs / requests, so we'll assign a separate project for each business location and assign your team members accordingly so you can manage all tasks, billing, and transactions for each business location individually.

  • Expedited Service Capability - Rather than waiting for your services to be fulfilled based upon their status in the queue, you can request to expedite your services to be done by a specific date / time.​​

  • 24/7 Virtual Receptionist & Support Line - Our state-of-the-art call center will provide your business a professional virtual assistant and support line to answer all incoming calls regarding general questions, product / service sales, order status updates, dispute resolutions, scheduling, and so much more whenever your customers / clients need it most.

  • Unlimited Google™ & Social Media Ads - We understand that posting ads can sometimes be extremely expensive. So, we'll take on the expense within our own advertising budget and create / publish professional ads for your business on Google™ and social media locally within a range of up to 50 miles radius around your business location(s), with unlimited clicks and revisions at no additional cost.


Why Valiabiz?

Valiabiz Members have access to practical knowledge, expertise, tools, and services from leading professionals in the industry.

As a member, you'll receive a large variety of perks and benefits that'll make a positive impact on your business from the moment you sign up and beyond. Valiabiz serves businesses of all types and sizes across the United States of America.

Our Promise

Over $1 Billion in combined profit generated!

Over 150K tasks & services fulfilled daily!

Over $100M saved on operating costs yearly!

Services at Your Convenience

Almost every business that joins Valiabiz always inquires with the need or want for 1 or 2 services, until they meet with their Business Consultant for their Introduction Call and discover the many circumstances in which their business may need majority of our other service options. Rather than charging additionally per service, our members have unlimited access to all of our services at their convenience. Regardless of whether or not your business utilizes all of our services, you are still receiving an incredible deal on the services your business is utilizing because there's no other service provider in the entire industry that has nor will ever price their services as low as we do. We're very proud of that.

Cost of Getting Started

To get started, all new members are required to sign a Membership Proposal, Member Service Agreement, and pay their membership fees upon registration. All fees are 100% refundable if canceled within 3 calendar days of payment, otherwise, non-refundable and non-transferable at any time.

Why Members Choose Us:

  • Affordable - We are the most affordable and convenient service provider in the industry, guaranteed.

  • Reliable - Our team works at the demand of the member and remains readily available whenever they need us most.

  • All-Inclusive - We offer all essential services needed to start, expand, and manage businesses of all types and sizes. If we can't provide it, we'll partner with an organization who will at a fair discounted price.

  • High Quality Services - We take great pride in treating every business as if we owned it directly, assuring every aspect of our services are of its highest potential quality.

  • Member Committed - Our members are the important factor of our business, so we are committed to them and their businesses from day one.

How can Valiabiz be so inexpensive?

Valiabiz has developed an efficient business management and development process that saves a tremendous amount of time and thus costs. We're not just "cheap", we're extremely profitable while still providing livable wages and amazing benefits to all of our employees worldwide, in addition to providing our members with the highest quality of services at the lowest prices in the entire industry. Valiabiz was founded upon the goal to provide an affordable and efficient way for businesses of all types and sizes to get the help they need and want at their convenience. We strive to continue achieving that goal one member at a time. It's a win-win for everyone.

What makes Valiabiz different?

Valiabiz is the only all-inclusive subscription-based provider in both the business management and development industries. We are a subscription-based business service provider with a passionate goal and purpose to act as the main general resource for Entrepreneurs and Investors for all things business. Whether you're a startup or a global brand, we will help your business succeed in every way possible through our various service options and areas of expertise. Regardless of your business needs, we'll develop and implement the best solutions.

Our Portal Provides Efficiency

We've created our own Member Portal to provide our members with direct access to their services and projects while overseeing all tasks, updates, invoices, documents, and communicating directly with our team through a secured system. Our Member Portal was designed to make our member's experience easier and efficient every step of the way.

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