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 Virtual Assistant

 Business Consultant

 Service Fulfillment Specialist

 Business Management

✓ Inventory Management

✓ Bill Management

✓ Staffing & HR Management

✓ Budgeting & Finance Management

✓ Social Media & PR Management

✓ Resource Management

✓ Business Consulting

✓ Business Plans

✓ Licensing & Incorporating


✓ Marketing & Advertising Strategies


✓ Product & Service Development


✓ Trademark & Patent Registration


✓ Business Scaling & Valuations


✓ Location Search


✓ Payroll & Benefits Development

Starting at only $1,499 USD /month

Other Providers

X Virtual Assistant | $2K+ /month

X Business Consultant | $5K+ /month

X Service Fulfillment Specialist | $1.4K+ /month

X Business Management | $1.5K+ /month

X Inventory Management | $3.8K+ /month

X Bill Management | $1.2K+ /month

X Staffing & HR Management | $6K+ /month

X Budgeting & Finance Management | $7.5K+ /month

X Social Media & PR Management | $5K+ /month

X Resource Management | $1.9K+ /month

X Business Consulting | $9K+ /month

X Business Plans | $5K - $20K+ each

X Licensing & Incorporating | $600 - $1.5K each


X Marketing & Advertising Strategies | $10K+ /month


X Product & Service Development | $15K+ /month


X Trademark & Patent Registration | $2K+ each


X Business Scaling & Valuations | $1.8K+ /month


X Location Search | $1K+ /month


X Payroll & Benefits Development | $7K+ /month

Over $100K+ USD /month on average

Valiabiz fulfills all services in-house and includes all of the listed services in the Membership Fee. Prices shown above are standard industry rates and are always subject to change at any time. Our unique all-inclusive concept allows us to provide high-quality services at a fraction of the cost by decreasing the time and labor required to fulfill each service. Please visit our Pricing and Benefits pages for additional information on our pricing, benefits, and FAQs. For additional information, please contact us at (888) 786-5506.