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Development Services

Business Consulting

Whether you're starting, expanding, or selling your business, our team of professional business experts will guide you and your business in the right direction by performing an initial assessment of the problematic situation(s) then organizing and executing projects on your behalf according to your requirements.

Business Plans

Our in-house team of attorneys and writers will combine their skills and expertise to write a professional business plan for you. We'll put your ideas on paper by writing, reviewing, and notarizing a detailed professional business plan for you from a marketing, financial, and operational viewpoint. This document is important for all businesses as it lays out goals and attracts investments.

Licensing & Incorporating

Applying for the specific licenses and certifications to operate your business can be a difficult, time consuming, and costly concern for many business owners. Our experts will do the filing on your behalf and obtain all necessary licenses and certifications for your business, helping avoid all common denials from your state(s) of operations and government agencies.

Marketing & Advertising

We've partnered with a large variety of media companies and platforms to provide our members with affordable marketing and advertising strategies that best fit their business and/or affiliated promotions. We'll develop, implement, and execute strategic marketing plans for your entire organization in order to attract potential customers and retain existing ones, both on a local and global scale.

Product & Service Development

It is common to want to expand your business in various directions and add new products / services. We'll introduce you to various manufacturers around the world and manage the development of your product(s) / service(s) or assist with the enhancement of an existing product(s) / service(s) in order to meet your company / customer's expectations effectively by conducting research, developing proposals, and supervising the design process.

Trademark & Patent Registration

Filing for a trademark and patents for your business and products can be a very tedious and frustrating process, waiting many months only to be denied due to a missing detail or tiny error. Our in-house team of attorneys and business experts will combine their skills to file for your trademarks and patents on your behalf to ensure a smooth process and guarantee approval of your filings.

Business Scaling & Valuations

Whether you're planning on selling your business or simply just interested in knowing, we understand the importance in knowing what your business is worth. We'll take the time to thoroughly review your business' records and overall performance to provide an accurate valuation, followed by professional guidance to maintain and increase its value without affecting company culture.

Location Search

When your business expands, we'll be right by your side through it all. Our in-house team of business experts will assist you throughout the process of finding the ideal location(s) for your business, designing / renovations, and even gathering some professional photos, videos, and content for your website, search engines, and marketing with our famous "Gold Ribbon Cutting" ceremony.

Franchise Development

Franchising a business is a risk many business owners tend to take on themselves, which commonly causes failure and regret due to the many complications that occur when choosing to franchise. When you're ready to franchise your business, our team will assist you with establishing a safe, secure, and reliable concept, process, and procedures to ensure your business maintains its credibility while keeping your franchisees on track.

Payroll & Benefits Development

Finding the ideal payroll provider and obtaining all of the necessary requirements to register for payroll can sometimes be an employers worst nightmare. Not only can it be costly, but there's many elements involved when done correctly. Our team of business experts will find a payroll provider that works for your business, obtain all of the necessary requirements, establish pay rates / schedules, and maintain your HR & Payroll systems on your behalf.

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Valiabiz helps thousands of business owners and investors nationwide grow their business to the next level. Whether you're starting a business or expanding your pre-existing business, we've got you covered, offering all essential services for businesses of all types and sizes. Business has never been so easy!
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