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Your business is our priority, that's a promise!

Proudly serving over 1,000 businesses nationwide and growing daily!

Founded in 2021, Valiabiz is a privately owned and operated subscription-based business management and development company headquartered in Connecticut, USA, serving businesses of all types and sizes across the country. The name being a combination of "Valiant" and "Business", expresses our company's sole-purpose to provide our members with a courageous and committed team to rely upon for high quality services that'll benefit their businesses now and forever. Valiabiz employs certified professionals nationwide from various backgrounds, talents, and experiences to provide our members with a diverse and knowledgable team to assist in the successful management and development of their businesses.

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Our Mission

From startups to global brands, our mission is to provide entrepreneurs an all-inclusive and affordable alternative to help start, scale, and manage their businesses.

Since 2021, Valiabiz has provided quality business management and development services to startups, small businesses, and global brands nationwide. Our services are backed by over 100 years of combined industry-leading experience, so you can trust we know what we're doing. We are a privately owned and operated company that offers a personal touch. This means that when you call us, our highly-trained professionals take the time to understand your business needs and expectations while explaining the suggested course of action to take and developing a plan to best assist your business from day one.​

Core Values


Our team is dedicated to the local community. We make a difference by proudly serving our friends, family, neighbors, and local businesses.


Our team abides by extremely high standards to ensure we provide quality services and exceed every member's needs, wants, and expectations.


Our team respects your time and trust by providing prompt services, always being courteous, and treating you the way we would want to be treated.


As an industry leader, we set the standards for excellence. From proven solutions to courteous service, we are unparalleled in professionalism.


We have a servant's heart when it comes to our company. This means we are solely dedicated to providing exceptional service and experience.

Christian Braman

Founder, Owner, & Chief Executive Officer

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Christian actively serves as the Chief Executive Officer and Lead Business Consultant of Valiabiz, overseeing its thousands of employees, members, and subsidiaries in various industries including retail, hospitality, manufacturing, technology, and real estate. He led the company to record growth, including over $100 million in annual revenue, and its national expansion in all 50 U.S states. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Christian saved over 1,300+ businesses across the United States from abruptly closing when operations and funding were nearly impossible to maintain. By taking on such a responsibility and successfully doing so, Christian implemented his acquired knowledge and strategies into Valiabiz by developing a unique concept that allows for its services to maintain affordability for businesses of all types and sizes nationwide, while guaranteeing results and efficiency without the need for any other service provider. Christian is best known and highly recognized for his ability to strategically scale a business' operations and rapidly increase profitability, without sacrificing company culture.


Fun Fact: Although Christian's favorite color is red, he chose the colors black and gold for the theme of Valiabiz as a symbol of the unknown, power, and formality alongside abundance, prosperity, and extravagance. This photo was captured on 1/4/21, the day Christian introduced his plans for Valiabiz.

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