About Us

Proudly serving thousands of businesses nationwide and growing daily!

Services You Can Trust

Founded in 2019, Valiabiz is a privately owned and operated subscription-based business management and development company headquartered in West Hartford, Connecticut, serving members nationwide. The name being a combination of "Valiant" and "Business", expresses our company's sole-purpose to provide our members with a courageous and committed team to rely upon for high quality services that'll benefit their businesses now and forever. Valiabiz employs professionals across the United States from various backgrounds, talents, and experiences to provide our members with a diverse and knowledgable team to assist in the successful management and development of their businesses.

Our Mission

From startups to global brands, we provide all essential services to help entrepreneurs and investors start, expand, and manage their businesses. We take great pride in establishing professional relationships with our members with the long-term in mind, treating each business as if we owned it directly. With Valiabiz, you can rest assured you and your business are in good hands.

Our Passion For Philanthropy

At Valiabiz, we prioritize philanthropy and make it our goal to give back to our communities in every way possible. Our team participates in hundreds of charitable causes throughout the year and we've made it a company initiative to donate 10% of our monthly net profits to non-profit organizations, schools, shelters, and small businesses in need nationwide.

Our Values

  • Diversity & Inclusion - It is our company's core value to maintain a safe and welcoming environment for our employees and members.

  • Equal Opportunity Employer - Valiabiz provides equal employment and advancement opportunities to all individuals.

  • Corporate Social Responsibility - We are committed to providing the highest quality of service and upholding our values and ethical standards in all of our company activities.

  • "No Member Denied" Policy - We strive to make starting, expanding, and managing a business more affordable and available to everyone. Regardless of a member's budget or business needs, we treat every member with the same appreciation and will negotiate terms that work with their specific business needs and budget requirements.

  • "100% Transparency" Policy - Our portal was designed to provide our members with complete access to everything regarding their business as long as they're an active member with us. By "everything", we literally mean EVERYTHING. From projects and tasks to back-office notations, our members maintain full control and can monitor every detail whenever and wherever they'd like by simply logging into their portal account.